Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Twitter is our Collective Consciousness

What happens when our unfiltered thoughts are published, distributed, and archived for all humankind's instantaneous consumption? Twitter, Facebook and other Social Networking applications, in conjunction with a nearly worldwide adoption of mobile devices has introduced the next phase in human evolution. A collective human consciousness. The medium is the message, as McCluhan said. Twitter is not about what you had for breakfast. That would be to focus on the message, not the medium. Instead Twitter represents our movement towards a fully interconnected collective thinking. The messages contained within Twitter are not what's important. What's important that it is becoming a raw stream of consciousness for all of humanity.


sillydino said...

I agree somewhat, but you don't address the argument of the whole being a sum of its parts. If you state that tweets on their own are useless, how do you arrive at collective consciousness? Why is it good? I think proponents see twiter as a potential for layered communications, haters see farts in obnoxiously cute form, and everyone else just goes with it. It's the over use of a tool like this in an unconscious manner that bums me out. Collective consciousness? I doubt it, maybe in some romanticized hopefulls eyes, but in real life this is a tool that furthers narcisisstic behavior on a generational scale. I hope when I have kids that social networking has tapered off into a less socially shattering plateau.

Andy Pittman said...

I'm not saying all tweets are useless. Some tweets will be brilliant and some tweets will be banal, but what's important is that Twitter represents a stream of collective thoughts. Not all thoughts are good, not all thoughts are bad. The fact is that never in human history have people been able to think out loud to such a large, distributed audience.

sillydino said...

Agreed... I just don't believe it leads to anything good. I challenge someone to show how youtube, facebook, twitter etc haven't alll done either more harm than good, or done absolutely nothing at all. Alas, go with the flow right?